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FB “Like” button is a special feature in its social networking site, where users can “Like” content such as status updates, comments, photos, videos, links shared by friends, fan or business pages and even advertisements. This generator “Like” button was first introduced back in February 2009.

The FB “Like” button was further developed and became a feature of Facebook Platform, which enable people to add free like button on web. It supports website owners and bloggers to have more participation in Facebook because users or their page visitors can now share the site’s content with their friends. When a user clicks the Facebook “Like” button on web, the content appears in the News Feed or Timeline of that user’s friends. Another feature of this generator “Like” button is its capability to display the number of users that liked each content or web page. If you have a fan or business page, the “Like” box allows the Facebook page owners to see how many users, and which of their friends liked their page. The latest feature of FB “Like” button added in June 2010 is the ability to like users’ comments.

On this page you can easily and quickly create Facebook “Like” button for your website. Use the form below and paste the generated code on your website in the place where you would like to add the button. In addition to the FB “Like” button, there is also an option if you want to add the “Share” button as well. Our website also offers this service in different languages. It’s just that easy to add free “Like” button on web.

  • Works smooth on all websites
  • No coding knowledge required, just copy and paste the code
  • Free (now and in the future)

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